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Dato’ Yeong Sing Chee DPMP, JP  | Malaysian
Chief Executive Officer

Dato’ Yeong Sing Chee is the founder of YSC Agro Group Berhad and the Originator of YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme. He is the Chief Executive Officer of YSC Agro Group Berhad.


Having started early in his working career, he was primarily involved with property construction and has handled a number of residential and commercial construction projects with estimated gross development value (GDV) worth over hundreds of millions ringgit. His experience and business foresight in diverse backgrounds such as property development, property construction, manufacturing, trading of new and used cars, credit and leasing, property management and marketing is invaluable to the Company.


He got involved with swiftlet farming since 2007 and has embarked on growing the business successfully by expanding more swiftlet housing to markets locally and abroad, including Indonesia and Thailand. Dato’ Yeong has a wide range of network in trading bird nest, dealing with swiftlet consultation and importers and exporters of swiftlet products nationwide, and region wide including Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, the Western and Middle East countries.


Dato’ Yeong is the former Perak State Assemblyman for the Aulong Constituency, from 1999 to 2004. As a down-to-earth and well-respected person, he has been actively contributing his time serving the Taiping communities. He was awarded Justices of Peace (JP) and Datukship by the DYMM Sultan of Perak in 2003 and 2004 respectively.


Raymond Yeong Hym-Hung  | Malaysian
Executive Director

Mr. Raymond Yeong Hym-Hung, was appointed as Director to the Board of the company.


He has been involved significantly in the edible birds’ nests (EBN) industry particularly the swiftlet farming techniques and activities since 2007, having attended numerous seminars, workshops, forums and consultation studies related to swiftlet farming. He has also visited more than a thousand swiftlet houses and buildings locally and abroad, including Indonesia and Thailand. Such vast hands-on experience made him well-verse in sales and marketing activities of swiftlet products and edible birds’ nest trading business, both import and export markets. His active involvement in several swiftlet farming related associations and corporations has earned him wider network in the bird nest industry. He is a member of the North Perak Edible Bird-Nest Harvester and Merchant Association where he was elected in the Committee as Assistant Treasurer in 2010 to 2012.


Mr. Raymond Yeong graduated with a Bachelor of Economics & Finances Degree from Curtin University of Technology (Perth) in 2006 and a Diploma in Business Commerce from Canning College (Perth) in 2004. He started his career as a Real Estate Negotiator dealing in property transactions and advanced to property development.


Yeong Seng Chau  | Malaysian
Executive Director

Mr. Yeong Seng Chau was appointed as the Director of the Management Company.


Mr. Yeong has accumulated over thirty-five years of experience in the construction industry and has managed numerous development projects where he has been dealing with all types of structural and renovations works required for swiftlet houses buildings since 2007. He has sound knowledge and solid experience in design & build swiftlet houses, and strong relationships with swiftlet farming consultants, enabling him to be well-equipped with the latest technology and skills in the edible birds’ nests (EBN) industry in Malaysia.


Janet Yeong Mei-Theng  | Malaysian
Executive Director

Ms. Janet Yeong Mei-Theng, joined the company on in Year 2012.


She was responsible for planning, managing and marketing of swiftlet related products. Graduated with a Diploma in Business Commerce from Canning College (Perth) in 2006, Ms. Janet also received a Bachelor of Degree in Accounting & Law from Monash University (Malaysia) in 2009. She started managing a processing centre since year 2011 with more than fifty full-time employees.


Choong Kar Keat  | Malaysian
Swiftlet Independent Consultant

Mr. Choong Kar Keat was appointed as Swiftlet Consultant of the Company.


As a professionally trained musician, Mr. Choong has considerable experience in managing sound system and equipment for swiftlet farming since 2003. To date, he has managed countless successful swiftlet houses nationwide, and had invented loads of swiftlet sound types including Internal Sound, External Sound, Mating Sound, Baby Swiftlet Sound etc. customized according to the design of swiftlet building, location and others.


Mr. Choong graduated from various sound and music schools including Violin Grade 8 (1995), Piano Grade 8 from Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music London (1995), Theory of Music Grade 8 from Royal Schools of Music London (1995), Electone Grade 5 from Yamaha Music Foundation MAL (1994), Music Production & Engineering Diploma from Digital Music System MAL (1994) and Recording Arts Specialized Associate Degree from Full Sail Centre USA (1997).



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